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Hi, I’m Max. I’m an engineer and inventor. A couple years ago I sold my self-driving virtual reality software company to Amazon for a few hundred million dollars. After my contract at Amazon was up, I started working on my next major market disruption: a quantum bagel toaster.

I thought I finally had a working prototype that would project an instant bagel-toasting vortex onto any surface, but when I put the bagel on it, the bagel fell through and disappeared. After some experimentation I came to a stunning realization…

I know this sounds crazy, but it seems that I have accidentally invented a device that opens a portal to another dimension.

Each week I visit a new alternate universe and no matter how strange it is, somehow I keep running into parallel dimension versions of my roommate Wilson in every one of them. I’m documenting my incredible travels and discoveries on this podcast.

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You’ll probably enjoy it most if you start with Episode 1: The Bageltron 2000

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