Episode 53: It’s an intervention

Max takes a surprise trip on the one-year anniversary of his first time through the portal.


Max: Tim Ellis
Smarter Wilson (Episode 30): Scott Trapp
Red the Genie (Episode 44): Brian Williams
Dirk Spiffler (Episode 16): J.R. Willett
Wilson Wilson Wilson Phillips (Episode 25): Christina Curtis
Steven Director (Episode 15): Brian Williams
G.H.O.S.T. Wilson (Episode 24): Scott Trapp
old man (Episode 24): J.R. Willett
Inspector Angela Bower (Episode 28): Christina Curtis
Marty Martin (Episode 21): Brian Williams

Very Important Context: Riker sits down

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Producer: Tim Ellis
Sound Editing: Jeni Ellis
Theme Music: Evil D20
Logo: Abe Schmidt

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